Schwarzkopf (Spessart)

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Schwarzkopf is located in Bavaria
Highest point
Elevation 460 m (1,510 ft)
Coordinates 50°00′55″N 9°22′20″E / 50.01528°N 9.37222°E / 50.01528; 9.37222Coordinates: 50°00′55″N 9°22′20″E / 50.01528°N 9.37222°E / 50.01528; 9.37222
Location Bavaria, Germany
Parent range Spessart

Schwarzkopf is a wooded hill located in the Aschaffenburg district of Bavaria, Germany. It is part of the Mittelgebirge Spessart. Schwarzkopf lies east of Laufach and south of Heigenbrücken. It is located in the unincorporated area Forst Hain im Spessart.

The long-distance hiking path Eselsweg passes over the hill. Schwarzkopf is also close to the Spessart Ramp of the Main-Spessart railway (Schwarzkopftunnel).