Adhemar Schwitzguébel

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Adhémar Schwitzguébel

Adhémar Schwitzguébel (1844 in Sonvilier – 23 July 1895 Biel) was a Swiss Anarchist and theorist of collectivist anarchism. He was a founder of the Jura Federation and member of the First International.


Adhemar Schwitzguébel was born in the Swiss Jura. His father was an engraver and took part in the political struggles of 1848. Adhémar Schwitzguébel learned the his father's trade and founded a section of the First International in Sonvilier, in March 1866. He got to know Mikhail Bakunin and was later a member of his Alliance organization. After the failure of Paris Commune, he went to Paris to aid the flight of Communards by using his engravers skill to make fake passports for them. During the conflict between Marx, and Bakunin, he worked with James Guillaume and other anti-authoritarians in the Jura Federation and wrote for their newspaper Bulletin de la Fédération jurassienne. After the exclusion of Bakunin and Guillaume and himself from the International at the 1872 Hague Congress, the Jura Federation was at the centre of the nascent anarchist movement. In 1872, St. Imier in the Swiss Jura became the venue of the first Anti-Authoritarian International Congress. After the dissolution of the Jura Federation, he moved to Biel and died at the age of 51 years of stomach cancer.



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