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Alternative names Scialatielli
Type Pasta
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Naples
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Scialatelli (also scialatielli) is a type of long spaghetti.[1][2] Its origins lie near the Amalfi coast in Naples.[3] Like fettuccine and linguine, it has flat sides, but it is almost square in its circumference, not flat on only two sides; flat on four sides. Its symmetry is similar to spaghetti or spaghetti rigati. This pasta shape, was used in the past for special celebrations. The reason lies in the use of what at the time were considered expensive ingredients for most of the local population. The area where the pasta originates is famous for its widespread poverty (Campania, Napoli). Due to this only a certain class of the population could actually use a high quality flour, milk and eggs in big quantities while normally the rest of the people would use flour, water and sometimes eggs to make pasta.


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