ScienceWorks Museum (Ashland)

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ScienceWorks Museum
ScienceWorks museum entrance.
Established 2001
Location Ashland, Oregon, United States
Type private: science, industry
Director Lindsey Chip

ScienceWorks in Ashland, Oregon, is a museum dedicated to educating visitors in science and technology, while providing an entertaining destination for a family outing.


ScienceWorks is a museum for people of all ages to attend. Most of the exhibits are built in-house at their state-of-the-art fabrication center. ScienceWorks exhibits from Ashland have received national and international attention and have been sold to the Singapore Science Center, Technopolis in Belgium, Miami Museum of Science, Telus Spark and many museums in the U.S.

Activities include sticking hands through a gigantic bubble, seeing a demonstration of lighting a dollar on fire and seeing it not burn, and the bubble-ology room, where giant, long, and durable bubbles can be experimented with. "Make an impression" is a 5-foot high wall made of 65,000 plastic pins that can record impressions of objects or people that are pushed against it. Exhibits also include the Shadow Wall, where a strobe light captures shadows of objects posed in front of the wall.

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