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Science & Technology Australia is an organisation representing the interests of about 68,000 Australian scientists and technologists, and promoting their views on a wide range of policy issues to the Australian Government, Australian industry, and the Australian community.

The organisation has three formal objectives:

  • to encourage scientific dialogue between industry, government, and the science and technology communities,
  • to promote public understanding of science,
  • to foster close relations between member societies.

The organisation was formerly known as the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies (FASTS) until June 2011. The Federation was formed in late 1985, as a reaction to the 1984 Australian Federal Budget, which made substantial cuts to funding for science; its formation followed the statements of the then Minister for Science, (Barry Jones), that the Australian S&T community did not provide him with sufficient support in his dealings with cabinet.

The organisation is best known for Science meets Parliament and Science meets Business, which are events STA holds each year.

S&T Australia member societies[edit]

The members are the societies which represent the professional interests of scientists and technologists in Australia.[1]

Aquatic Sciences[edit]

Biological Sciences[edit]

Chemical Sciences[edit]

Geographical and Geological Sciences[edit]

Mathematical Sciences[edit]

Medical and Cognitive Sciences[edit]

Physical Sciences[edit]

Plant and Ecological Sciences[edit]

Technological Sciences[edit]

Affiliate Members[edit]


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