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DNA Publications
United States

DNA Publications was an American publishing company that existed from 1993 to 2007 and was run by the husband-and-wife team of Warren Lapine and Angela Kessler. Initially based in Massachusetts, DNA Publications relocated to Radford, Virginia.[when?] As of 2004, it was the second-largest genre magazine publisher in the United States.[1] Its first publication, in 1993, was the magazine Harsh Mistress, which Lapine produced in collaboration with Kevin Rogers and Tim Ballon.[citation needed]

DNA Publication distributed or published Aboriginal SF, Absolute Magnitude, Artemis, Dreams of Decadence, Fantastic Stories, Mythic Delirium, The Official KISS Magazine, Science Fiction Chronicle, and The Whole Cat Journal.[citation needed] It also published the book imprints Spyre Books and Wilder Publications.[citation needed]

For their work on the magazines, DNA Publications was a 2000 World Fantasy Award nominee, in the "special award: professional" category.[citation needed] Absolute Magnitude was a 2002 Hugo Award nominee in the semiprozine category.[citation needed] Notable authors published by the DNA Publications magazines include Chris Bunch, Hal Clement, Harlan Ellison, Alan Dean Foster, and Allen Steele.[citation needed] DNA Publications collapsed in early 2007.[citation needed] Weird Tales had been bought in 2005 by Wildside Press and Mythic Delirium,[clarification needed] which parted with DNA Publications around the same time.[citation needed] Wilder Publications is now part of Tir Na Nog Press.[citation needed]


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