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Science Fiction Foundation
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The Science Fiction Foundation is a Registered Charity established 1970 in England by George Hay and others. Its purpose is to "promote science fiction and bring together those who read, write, study, teach, research or archive science fiction in Britain and the rest of the world." Science fiction writers Arthur C. Clarke and Ursula K. Le Guin were founding patrons; current patrons are Le Guin, Neil Gaiman and Professor David Southwood.[1]

Through 1995 the Foundation was based in the North East London Polytechnic in Barking, Essex, UK (now the University of East London).[citation needed] For much of this period the Director of the Foundation was Malcolm Edwards, who later moved to Gollancz, and then Orion.[citation needed]


SFF publishes the journal Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction three times a year and occasional critical works under the general title Foundation Studies in Science Fiction. It owns and supports the Science Fiction Foundation Collection, a research library that is currently one of the special collections at the Sydney Jones Library of the University of Liverpool.[1]

The Foundation and the British Science Fiction Association hold their annual general meetings jointly in May or June.[2] Annually SFF provides a scientific speaker for Eastercon, under the general title George Hay Memorial Lecture.[3]


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