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Science Fiction Monthly
Science Fiction Monthly Issue 1.jpg
Volume 1, Issue 1.
Editor Patricia Hornsey (1974-1975) & Julie Davis (1975-1976)
Categories Science fiction magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher New English Library
First issue February 1974
Final issue 1976
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Science Fiction Monthly was a British science fiction magazine published from 1974-1976 by New English Library. It was notable as the only UK science fiction magazine at the time.

The characteristic feature of the magazine was its large page size, roughly equivalent to a broadsheet newspaper and the fact that it was published as a loose leaf magazine. This format enabled poster-size reproductions of science fiction book jacket illustrations to be a major part of the magazine. Featured artists included Bruce Pennington, Chris Foss, Tim White, David A. Hardy and Josh Kirby. The magazine also ran feature articles on artists, reprinted some vintage magazine covers at its large page size, and ran two art contests which yielded over twenty works by new artists. The editors were Patricia Hornsey (1974–1975) and Julie Davis (1975–1976).[1]

Science Fiction Monthly was primarily designed to appeal to a teenaged readership, and this, combined with the attractive posters, ensure that very few complete copies of the magazine survive. Most issues were taken to pieces and used as posters.

As well as stories, the magazine contained series such as "Modern masters of science fiction" by Walter Gillings.

The publisher, New English Library (NEL), also issued binders for the magazine. These were an attractive dark purple in colour. A complete set of the magazine (as published), occupies slightly less than the available space in three of the binders.

The magazine sales were disappointing with circulation dropping from around 100,000 to 20,000 and in 1976, after only 28 issues, the magazine metamorphosed into "SF Digest".

Re-launch as "SF Digest"[edit]

SF Digest
SF Digest Magazine Cover.jpg
Issue 1
Editor Julie Davis
Categories Science fiction magazine
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher New English Library
First issue 1976
Country United Kingdom
Language English

SF Digest had a smaller (bedsheet) format and no full-colour interiors, but was essentially the same magazine, intended now to become a quarterly publication. The re-launched magazine was aimed at a more mature readership than its predecessor, putting more emphasis on fiction than the more artwork orientated Science Fiction Monthly. The editor for the one and only issue was Julie Davis and the cover art was produced by David Bergen. After one issue of SF Digest was published, NEL made a decision to leave the science fiction magazine market.

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