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The Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) is a United States public policy organization which promotes climate change denial.[1]


The organization's executive director is Robert Ferguson, and the chief policy adviser is Christopher Monckton. Joe D'Aleo is the institute's Meteorology Adviser. Further science advisers, as listed in 2011, include:

Willie Soon was at one time the chief science advisor.


The Science and Public Policy Institute funded a film "Apocalypse? No!" intended to show errors in the Al Gore documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. It shows Monckton giving a presentation to the Cambridge University Union.[2]

The SPPI took an interest in the Climatic Research Unit email controversy ("Climategate"). Its position is elaborated in a 45-page paper released in December 2009, titled Climategate: Caught Green-Handed!: Cold facts about the hot topic of global temperature change after the Climategate scandal, which concluded that global warming is a myth.[3]


The Institute is operated by The Frontiers of Freedom Foundation, Inc.,[4][5][6] a policy organization founded in 1996 by former Senator Malcolm Wallop, Republican of Wyoming.[7] On its website SPPI does not detail the sources of its funding. In 2002, Frontiers of Freedom had a budget of $700,000, with fossil-fuel company Exxon-Mobil donating $230,000 of that sum.[1]


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