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The Canadian-built Space Shuttle robotic arm (left), referred to as Canadarm, transferred the P5 truss segment over to the Canadian-built space station robotic arm, referred to as Canadarm2

Science and technology in Canada consists of three distinct but closely related phenomena:

  • the diffusion of technology in Canada
  • scientific research in Canada
  • innovation, invention and industrial research in Canada

In 2018, Canada spent approximately C$34.5 billion on domestic research and development, of which around $2 billion was spent directly by the federal government in-house and an additional $5.7 billion was provided by provincial and federal sources in the form of grants.[1] This investment corresponds to about 1.57% of Canada's gross domestic product, a decline from 1.72% in 2014.[2]

Canada was ranked 17th in the Global Innovation Index in 2019 and 2020.[3][4][5][6]

The diffusion of technology in Canada[edit]

Scientific research in Canada[edit]

Innovation, invention, and industrial research in Canada[edit]

Technological and industrial history of Canada[edit]

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