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Scientific Memoirs, Selected from the Transactions of Foreign Academies of science and Learned Societies and from Foreign Journals was a series of books edited and published by Richard Taylor (1781–1858) in London between 1837 and 1852.

After 1852 the publication continued in two series:

  1. Natural philosophy, edited by J. Tyndall and William Francis
  2. Natural history, edited by Arthur Henfrey and Thomas Henry Huxley

The September 1843 edition contained Ada Lovelace's notes appended to her translation of Luigi Federico Menabrea's article, originally published in 1842 in French in the Swiss Journal Bibliothèque universelle de Genève, based on Charles Babbage's lectures on his Analytical Engine, given in Turin, Italy, in 1840.[1]

Some volumes have been reprinted by Johnson Reprint Corp. New York in 1966.

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