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Scientific WorkPlace
Screenshot of the SWP editor
Screenshot of the SWP editor
Developer(s) MacKichan Software
Type Document processor

Scientific WorkPlace (often abbreviated to SWP) is a software package for scientific word processing on Microsoft Windows and OS X.

Although advertised as a WYSIWYG LaTeX-based word processor, it is actually a graphical user interface for editing LaTeX source files with the same ease-of-use of a word processor, while maintaining a screen view that resembles but is not identical to the eventual output that LaTeX produces.[1] For instance, its display shows text wrapped to the width of the screen rather than to the eventual page width, and colored equations rather than the black-and-white rendering that LaTeX would normally produce.[2] It also includes an integrated computer algebra system.[1]

Because Scientific WorkPlace is based on LaTeX, it can be used to produce files in the house style of any scientific journal that also uses LaTeX,[1] and the software makes it easy to change the overall style of a document in a single operation.[2] It comes with many predefined styles, but installing a new style can be somewhat complicated.[1]

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