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Scientology has been subjected to considerable pressure from the state in Russia.[1]

Church of Scientology Moscow v. Russia[edit]

In April 2007, the European Court of Human Rights ruled against Russia for repeatedly refusing to consider the Moscow Church of Scientology's application for the status of a legally valid religious association. The court found that the reasons given to deny re-registration of the church by the justice department and endorsed by the Moscow courts had no legal basis.[2][3]

Other events[edit]

In July 2007, the St. Petersburg City Court ordered that the city's Scientology center be closed for violating its charter by engaging in unlicensed health care services.[4] A court in Samara came to a similar decision in November 2008, closing down the activities of the local center for practicing without a license.[5]

In September 2009, the European Court of Human Rights issued a binding ruling in favor of two Scientology branches in Surgut and Nizhnekamsk, which had been denied registration as "religious organizations."[6] The two organizations were awarded 20,000 € in costs and damages.[6] The ruling, which cannot be appealed, said that Russia could not ban the Church of Scientology simply because it did not have a long history in the country.[6]

In December 2009, the court closed the Dianetics Center in Naberezhnye Chelny.[7]

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