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Developer(s) Scimore UAB
Stable release
4.0.2782.26 / June 18, 2013
Operating system Windows
License Proprietary

ScimoreDB is a proprietary freeware relational database management system for Microsoft Windows, developed by Scimore UAB. It features advanced features: SQL, ACID transactions, Multiversion concurrency control, free text search, shared nothing clustering, functional procedural shipment for distribution of data and queries. It works as embedded library, standalone server and distributed over many machines.


DQL (Distributed Query Language) is the internal query language for ScimoreDB. DQL is a text based query language, which precisely describes how each query is executed in a large grid of computers. DQL describes where different functional nodes are instantiated, how they are connected, and how they communicate. The nodes are always connected in a tree like structure, where the root node returns the result of the DQL query.


It all started as an internal project for a European Portal. In the early days of the internet – there were no database servers, that were ready to fuel the low cost and high speed required by internet applications. It started as an “in memory database”, with simple COM interfaces. It was the core of many internet applications, and grew with requirements of the applications. Distribution was added to improve scalability, a query language DQL was added to improve speed of development, and transactions followed to ensure improve manageability.

In 2005 Scimore was created, and the database was separated into a separate company. The major improvements in 2006 were the SQL to DQL translator and new distribution algorithms, allowing for linear scalability in distributed environment. The embedded version where launched.

In 2007, based on requirements by the users, features where added – free text search, blob compression, database files movable, and embedded database allows for cross process interaction. A TPC benchmark resulted in updated communication protocols, improving the speed in large distributed database scenario.

Source code specifics[edit]

ScimoreDB is written in C++, utilizing advanced features of Win32, e.g. fibers, I/O completions. There are currently clients for C++ and .NET Framework.


ScimoreDB is a proprietary database.

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