Scorcher (video game)

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Scorcher video game cover.jpg
European Saturn cover art
Developer(s) Zyrinx
Publisher(s) MS-DOS and Windows
Sega Saturn
Composer(s) Jesper Kyd
Platform(s) MS-DOS, Windows, Saturn
Release Windows
  • NA: November 30, 1996
  • NA: March 1, 1997
  • EU: April 10, 1997[1]
  • JP: 1997
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Scorcher is a futuristic racing video game by Danish developer Zyrinx,[2] released in 1996 for the PC and the Sega Saturn. Originally announced under the name "Vertigo",[3] the game focuses on special motorcycles that reach up to 450 km/h racing through dangerous tracks in a dystopian year 2021.

Scorcher was one of the most graphically advanced Sega Saturn games of its time, enough so that Sega shipped an unfinished version of the game to third party developers as a graphics demo for the Saturn.[4]


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