Scorchers (film)

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Redesigned Scorchers DVD Cover
Directed by David Beaird
Produced by Morrie Eisenman and Richard Hellman
Written by David Beaird
Starring Faye Dunaway
Denholm Elliott
James Earl Jones
Emily Lloyd
Jennifer Tilly
Narrated by Leland Crooke (Opening and closing monologues)
Music by Carter Burwell
Cinematography Peter Deming
Edited by David Garfield
Distributed by Goldcrest Films
Release date
  • March 1991 (1991-03)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
United Kingdom
Language English

Scorchers is an ensemble drama from 1991 written and directed by David Beaird with a cast of among others Faye Dunaway, James Earl Jones, Denholm Elliott, Leland Crooke and Emily Lloyd. The film is based on the eponymous 1985 stage play by David Beaird which premiered at the Equity Waiver Theater in Los Angeles and had also Leland Crooke in the cast.


Scorchers takes place in cajun Louisiana on the wedding night of a young woman named Splendid (played by Emily Lloyd). Splendid is scared to death of what will happen in the bedroom with her new husband, Dolan (James Wilder) and her father, Jumper (Leland Crooke), finds himself having to coax his daughter to submit to the groom.

Meanwhile, Talbot (Jennifer Tilly) comes to terms with the fact that her husband has not been satisfied at home and has been cheating on her, as the town prostitute, Thais (Faye Dunaway) shares her wisdom on the ways of men—all this takes place while the town bartender, Bear (James Earl Jones) and the town drunk, Howler (Denholm Elliott), debate the finer points of music and life.



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The DVD was released by Trinity Home Entertainment in January 2005, but in full screen and without any bonus material. However, the DVD does have an opening monologue by Leland Crooke that was absent from the original VHS release.

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