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Score Productions is an American musical production company specializing in background music and themes for television programs. Started in 1963 by music producer Robert A. Israel, Score has created some of the most recognizable tunes in America — most identifiable by just a few notes.

Among the composers who worked for Score Productions are Charles Fox, Walt Levinsky, Ken Bichel, Jonathan L. Segal, Arthur B. Rubinstein, Dick Lieb, Michel Camilo, Chuck Loeb, Billy Barber, Steve Siler, Deborah Hurwitz, Jim McHugh, Irving "Benny" Robbin, Charles Gross, Glen Daum, Herb Harris, Paul Epstein, Birch Johnson, Richard Sussman, Doug Cuomo, Greg Reitan, Les Fradkin and Gary M. Anderson. Edd Kalehoff, a pioneer in the use of the Moog synthesizer, also composed music for Score.

One of the Score-produced compositions, "Come on Down", also known as the theme song from The Price Is Right, would eventually become a number one hit on Billboard's Dance Club Songs Chart for Crystal Waters in 2001. The single also marked the first time that a television theme song (and one that came from a game show) reached number one on a Dance chart, and the first to feature lyrics.

Credits of Score Composers (Incomplete)[edit]

  • Gary Anderson – Child's Play, Tattletales (1982), Super Password
  • Ken Bichel – Match Game '73, Match Game (1990), One Life to Live
  • Robert Cobert – The Young Marrieds, The Doctors
  • Michel Camilo – Goodwill Games, One Life to Live
  • Paul Epstein – Hit Man, Body Language, Classic Concentration
  • Charles Fox – ABC's Wide World of Sports, To Tell the Truth (1969), The Match Game, What's My Line?, Rhyme and Reason
  • Charles Gross – The Doctors
  • Deborah HurwitzGuiding Light
  • Robert Israel – Another World, The Doctors
  • Edd Kalehoff – The Price Is Right, Concentration, Tattletales (1974), Trivia Trap
  • Walt Levinsky – Family Feud, 20/20, Password Plus, The Price Is Right (1976 music package)
  • Dick Lieb and Walt Levinsky – Swiss Family Robinson, WWII, A G.I. Diary, Search and Rescue, Dr. Simon Locke, Police Surgeon, Lovers and Friends
  • Les Fradkin – One Life to Live, Capitol, Loving, various game shows
  • Chuck Loeb – CNN Main Theme and various CNN cues/shows
  • Susan Otto – How to Survive a Marriage
  • Arthur B. Rubinstein – The Doctors, Another World, Red Hand Gang, Sports World, WWII-A GI Diary, All New Beat the Clock, Strange Paradise,The Starlost, Norman Corwin Presents, Harvey, The Price, All the Way Home, Look Homeward Angel

Credits of Score Productions[edit]




  • HBO Feature Presentation theme


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