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Pont scorff.jpg
The Scorff in Pont-Scorff
Country France
Basin features
Main source Brittany
River mouth Blavet
47°44′30″N 3°20′54″W / 47.74167°N 3.34833°W / 47.74167; -3.34833 (Blavet-Scorff)Coordinates: 47°44′30″N 3°20′54″W / 47.74167°N 3.34833°W / 47.74167; -3.34833 (Blavet-Scorff)
Physical characteristics
Length 78.7 km (48.9 mi)
  • Average rate:
    15 m3/s (530 cu ft/s)

The Scorff River flows from central Brittany and enters the Atlantic Ocean on the south coast in Lorient.

The Scorff rises north of Langoëlan, in the Morbihan department, and flows through the towns of Guémené-sur-Scorff and Pont-Scorff. From there its bed enlarges to form a ria, submitted to the tides. It joins the Blavet in Lorient, where it enters the Ocean in the roadstead of Lorient.

It is 78.7 kilometres (48.9 mi) long.[1]



The river is classified as "first category" (French: Cours d'eau de première catégorie);[2] it is home to Brown trout and Atlantic salmon.


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