Scorpion aerobatic team

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Grupa Akrobacyjna Skorpion
Skorpion Team during demo flight
Active 1999 - present
Country  Poland
Branch Polish Land Forces
Role Aerobatic flight demonstration team
Aircraft flown
Attack helicopter 4x Mi-24

Grupa Akrobacyjna Skorpion ("Scorpion" Aerobatic team) is an aerobatic demonstration team of the Aviation of Polish Land Forces, flying 4 Mil Mi-24 Helicopters, and one of very few helicopter aerobatic teams in the world. Originally formed in 1999 in 49th combat helicopters regiment in Pruszcz Gdański, the team made its début in 1999 at an air picnic in Pruszcz Gdański, and later performed in 1999 Radom Air Show.

Currently, the team is suspended, as some of its pilots are on duty in Afghanistan.

The Scorpion is one of 2 aerobatic teams in the world flying on Mi-24.

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