Scorpions Revisited

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Scorpions Revisited
Studio album by Uli Jon Roth
Released 10 February 2015
Recorded 2014
Hannover, Germany
Genre Hard rock
Label Warner / UDR Music
Uli Jon Roth chronology
Under a Dark Sky
(2008)Under a Dark Sky2008
Scorpions Revisited
Tokyo Tapes Revisited - Live in Japan
(2016)Tokyo Tapes Revisited - Live in Japan2016

Scorpions Revisited is a 2-CD studio album by Uli Jon Roth, released on 9 February 2015 in which the guitarist revisited his personal favourites from the early Scorpions period.[1] The album was produced by German producer Sascha Paeth.

Track listing[edit]

1."The Sails of Charon" (Taken by Force, 1977)Uli Jon Roth  8:50
2."Longing For Fire" (In Trance, 1975)Rudolf Schenker / Roth2:50
3."Crying Days" (Virgin Killer, 1976)Schenker / Klaus Meine5:35
4."Virgin Killer" (Virgin Killer, 1976)Roth3:58
5."In Trance" (In Trance, 1975)Schenker / Meine6:44
6."Sun In My Hand" (In Trance, 1975)Roth4:48
7."Yellow Raven" (Virgin Killer, 1976)Roth4:50
8."Polar Nights" (Virgin Killer, 1976)Roth7:35
9."Dark Lady" (In Trance, 1975)Roth8:19
10."Catch Your Train" (Virgin Killer, 1976)Schenker / Meine3:16
11."Evening Wind" (In Trance, 1975)Roth5:39
12."All Night Long" (Tokyo Tapes, 1978)Roth / Meine3:11
13."We'll Burn The Sky" (Taken by Force, 1977)Schenker / Monika Dannemann8:33
14."Pictured Life" (Virgin Killer, 1976)Roth / Schenker / Meine3:12
15."Hell-Cat" (Virgin Killer, 1976)Roth3:00
16."Life's Like A River" (In Trance, 1975)Roth / Schenker / Corina Fortmann3:05
17."Drifting Sun" (Fly to the Rainbow, 1974)Roth6:40
18."Rainbow Dream Prelude"Improvisation: Roth4:00
19."Fly to the Rainbow" (Fly to the Rainbow, 1974)Michael Schenker / Roth11:36


  • Uli Jon Roth - Lead guitar
  • Nathan James - Vocals
  • Liz Vandall - Vocals
  • Jamie Little - Drums
  • Ule W. Ritgen - Bass
  • Niklas Turmann - Guitar, vocals
  • Corvin Bahn - Keyboards, vocals
  • David Klosinski - Guitar


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