Scotland's Burning

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A drinking fountain next to the Monument to the Great Fire of London, showing the song's words

"Scotland's Burning" (Also known as in England "London's Burning"), are variants of a song and nursery rhyme popular with children.


The song can be sung as a round when each part starts two bars after the previous one. It may be an example of a nursery rhyme with tragic or violent themes. The London lyrics are said to be about Great Fire of London, a five-day fire in the city of London in 1666.[1] The first notation of a round in this theme dates from 1580.[2] The Scotland lyrics are said to be about the Burning of Edinburgh in 1544, ordered by Henry VIII of England.[3]

The lyrics are mentioned in William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, Act 4, scene 1, when Grumio asks Curtis to prepare a warm fire for guests.[4]

In the Netherlands the song is known as "Brand in Mokum" ("Fire in Amsterdam")[5][better source needed], which is said to refer to the Amsterdam revolt against Napoleon in 1813.[3]

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