Scotland's Malt Whisky Trail

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Map of The Malt Whisky Trail's destinations.

Eight malt whisky distilleries and a cooperage form the Malt Whisky Trail in Scotland's Speyside.[1] Seven of the eight distilleries are in production and operational, whilst the Dallas Dhu distillery is a historic distillery. The Malt Whisky Trail is a local theme route marketing initiative, established to promote the region's whisky-related cultural heritage and encourage tourism.

Over half of Scotland's malt whisky distilleries are in Speyside,[2][3] not all of which are open to the public. The heritage trail consists of the following Speyside single malt distilleries and a cooperage.[1]

A 2012 BBC article recommends a leisurely tour. "Though the distilleries are fairly close together, leisurely travellers may want to dedicate a few days to taking in the distinct traditions and lore at each stop.[4]


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