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Scottish Thistles.jpg
Nickname(s) The Scottish Thistles
Association Netball Scotland
Confederation Netball Europe
Head coach Gail Parata
Captain Claire Brownie
INF ranking 9
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First international
England  25 – 3  Scotland
(Played in 1949)
World Championships
2007 placing 14th
Best result 6th (1971, 1975, 1983)
Commonwealth Games
2018 placing 9th
Wearing purple, the netball team is standing in two rows
The Scottish national netball team in 2006.

The Scotland national netball team, known as the "Scottish Thistles", represent Scotland in international netball tests and competitions. The Thistles competed in every World Championship from 1963–2007, finishing sixth on three occasions (1971, 1975, 1983). The team are currently coached by Gail Parata. As of 7 March 2018, Scotland are 9th in the INF World Rankings.[1]


2015 Scottish Thistles Netball World Cup Team[edit]

Scotland national netball team
Players Coaching staff
  • Claire Brownie (v-c)
  • Rachel Forbes
  • Lynsey Gallagher
  • Lesley MacDonald
  • June McNeill
  • Fiona Moore-McGrath
  • Hayley Mulheron (c)
  • Samantha Murphy
  • Jo Pettitt
  • Gemma Sole
  • Bethany Sutherland
  • Fiona Themann
  • Head coach: Gail Parata

Competitive history[edit]

Netball World Cup
Year Championship Location Placing
1963 1st World Championships Eastbourne, England 8th
1967 2nd World Championships Perth, Australia 7th
1971 3rd World Championships Kingston, Jamaica 6th
1975 4th World Championships Auckland, New Zealand 6th
1979 5th World Championships Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago 9th
1983 6th World Championships Singapore 6th
1987 7th World Championships Glasgow, Scotland 9th
1991 8th World Championships Sydney, Australia 9th
1995 9th World Championships Birmingham, England 22nd
1999 10th World Championships Christchurch, New Zealand 20th
2003 11th World Championships Kingston, Jamaica 15th
2007 12th World Championships Auckland, New Zealand 14th
2011 13th World Championships Singapore DNQ
2015 14th World Cup Sydney, Australia 12th

2014 Commonwealth Games Results[edit]

Results of the Scottish netball team in the 2014 Commonwealth Games[2] They ended the tournament in 9th position.

25 July
Report Scotland  58 – 30 Saint Lucia    SECC Precinct
Umpires: Theresa Prince, Ian Fuller
Reserve umpire: Terrence Peart

26 July
Report Scotland  14 – 71 New Zealand    SECC Precinct
Umpires: Tracy Smith, Gary Burgess
Reserve umpire: Terrence Peart

27 July
Report Scotland  26 – 68 Jamaica    SECC Precinct
Umpires: Theresa Prince, Joshua Bowring
Reserve umpire: Gary Burgess

29 July
Report Scotland  35 – 62 Malawi    SECC Precinct
Umpires: Jonathan Bredin, Rachael Ayre
Reserve umpire: Michelle Phippard

30 July
Report Scotland  32 – 37 Northern Ireland    SECC Precinct
Umpires: Rachael Ayre, Joshua Bowring
Reserve umpire: Tracy Smith

31 July
Report Scotland  46 – 28 Trinidad & Tobago    SECC Precinct
Umpires: Terrence Peart, Clare McCabe
Reserve umpire: Theresa Prince


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