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Scott A. Jones

Scott A. Jones (born in 1960) is an American inventor. Scott graduated with honors from Indiana University in 1984, receiving a bachelor of science degree in computer science.


He is known for his work in the early days of voicemail and co-founded Boston Technology, a voice-mail technology company, with Greg Carr.[1]


In 1996, Scott and three other entrepreneurs formed Escient, LLC, best known for "science between entertainment and technology." The motivation for this endeavor was said to make technology behave.[2]


In 2006, he founded the mobile question-answering service ChaCha.[3]

Jones lives in Carmel, Indiana. When his son Andrew was sixteen years old, he was featured on MTV's Teen Cribs. As owner of seven dogs, Scott was featured as a "Dog-loving CEO" in USA Today.[4]

In 2007, Galaxia, Inc. was founded, which developed a magical artistic display of LED lights that can be controlled individually to create video animations that are state-of-the-art lighting displays.[5] Scott has displayed this talent in New York City at the Tavern on the Green in Central Park, and at Herald Square & Greeley Square located at 34th Broadway and 6th Ave, Manhattan.[6]

Scott Jones was featured 25 February 2012 in the Indianapolis Monthly discussing new technologies for the future.[7]

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