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Scott Armstrong is the current director of Information Trust, a former journalist for The Washington Post, and founder of the National Security Archive. He was a staff member of the Senate Watergate Committee.[1]

With Bob Woodward, he co-authored the 1979 book The Brethren, an inside account of the United States Supreme Court.[2] Before that he was research assistant with Woodward on the latter's co-authored 1976 endeavor The Final Days.


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  • Scott Armstrong, Malcolm Byrne, and Tom Blanton, The Chronology: The Documented Day-by-Day account of the Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Contras, (New York: Warner Books, 1987).
  • Scott Armstrong and Paul Grier, Strategic Defense Initiative: Splendid Defense or Pipe Dream?, (New York: Foreign Policy Association, 1986).


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