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Scott Austin
Born Orange County, California
Occupation CEO, Authentik Artists

Scott Austin is a music executive, record producer and on-camera personality.


Austin is the COO of Artist Legacy Group,[1] a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment[2] that specializes in brand management for iconic entertainers, pop culture properties and artist estates.

Prior to ALG, Austin was CEO of Authentik Artists and was an A&R executive at Maverick/Warner Bros and Capitol Records[3] where he developed artists such as Tyler Hilton, Eric Hutchinson, Family Force 5 and MoZella.

Austin has additionally appeared as a host and industry expert on several major network and internet broadcasts including Extra, Style Network’s Making it Big,[4] G4 Network’s Attack of the Show,[5] Slice Network’s Rocker Moms season one,[6] Deepak Chopra,[7] and online broadcast The :90 Music Show with Scott Austin.[8]

Scott produced the Top 40 charting single “When It Comes”[9] for Tyler Hilton in 2005 and was Executive Producer for the short music film Hands Of Hatred[10] starring Ice-T, Rumer Willis and Edward Furlong in 2008.

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