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Scott Campbell (born March 24, 1945 in Michigan) is an American writer.

Scott Campbell
Born March 24, 1945
Alma mater Miami University, Vermont College
Occupation Author

[1][non-primary source needed]

Early life[edit]

Scott Campbell received his undergraduate degree in English from Ohio University and completed his graduate work in public communications at Boston University, and completed his education with a Masters in creative writing from Vermont College.[1]


Campbell's early career spans from a producer for a Boston ad agency to a talent agent and later a waiter in a restaurant and eventually a freelance writer. Campbell has taught writing at MIT and Emerson College. He lives in Jamaica Plain, Boston, and works as Director of Communications in the School of Architecture and Planning.[2] His book Aftermath, which was inspired by trending suicides in the gay community,[3] was filmed by Caroline Link in 2008 in Germany as A Year Ago in Winter (German: Im Winter ein Jahr).



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