Scott Clark (Santa Barbara)

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Scott Clark
Vincent Irizarry as Scott Clark (1988)
Santa Barbara character
Portrayed byVincent Irizarry
First appearanceEpisode 822
November 9, 1987
Last appearanceEpisode 1315
October 18, 1989
Created byCharles Pratt Jr. and
Anne Howard Bailey

Scott Clark is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. He was portrayed by American actor Vincent Irizarry from November 9, 1987 to October 18, 1989.

Character history[edit]

When Gina DeMott was admitted to the hospital in 1987, suffering from temporarily blindness, she fell in love with her doctor, Scott Clark. The couple's professional life turned into a love story, but that was over when Gina, fearing that Scott might leave her because she got her sight back, faked still being blind. Scott dumped Gina.

Ben's father arrived in town in the time when they learned that Scott's uncle Hal's bones have been found near the Capwell boathouse. Scott was a victim to the crime, but he couldn't figure out who was the person that murdered his uncle. Dr. Heather Donnelly hypnotized Scott and he learned that Pamela Conrad murdered him.[1] Scott and Heather fell in love and decided to move in together.[2]

Obstacles were thrown at the couple when Heather's father didn't approve of their relationship, and when Scott's father died, but Heather had shown support for Scott, and it only made them love each other more. Things started to get complicated when Heather's former boyfriend Zach Kelton arrive in town, causing Scott to become jealous. Scott's ex, Celeste DiNapoli, also came to town, and Scott was forced to choose between his old girlfriend and Heather, who had just learned she was pregnant.

Scott chose Celeste over Heather, but later regretted his decision after learning that Celeste had become a hooker. Heather gave birth to their son, Michael, and Scott wanted to reunite with her, but she didn't want him back. Custody battle over Michael ensued, but Heather realized that she can't fight anymore. She forgave Scott and then left town.