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Scott Eder (born October 7, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York) is a sports executive, marathoner, triathlete, personal trainer and gym designer.

He is the only child of Howard A. (1932–2002) and Diane G. Eder (b. 1934-2013). Now a longtime resident of Dallas, Scott was a collegiate baseball player at Austin College. So after in 1984 he became an Ironman triathlete and is currently a triathlon promoter, fitness club consultant, and private coach/trainer to athletes of all sports.


Scott is the first manager/agent for sanctioned Tour de France rider Lance Armstrong (1987–1990) (see [1]). Two books(Wheelmen and Cycle of Lies) detail their journey back in the late 1980s.

He was hired by Host Communications in 2001 as account manager to oversee corporate sponsorship sales for the American Bicycle Association (ABA) (see [2]).

Entering 2014 Team Cambridge Triathlon Racing is made up of 161 Dallas-Fort Worth area amateur athletes with a passion for competition and racing.

Athletic career[edit]

Scott was an intercollegiate athlete at Austin College.

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