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Scott Glasgow is a Hollywood-based musical composer. He earned his Bachelor of Music from California State University, Northridge and his Master of Music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 2001 where he was a student of Conrad Susa. Scott studied with John Corigliano at the Aspen Music Festival 2002 and was in the ASACP Film Scoring program in 2004. On the side, Scott teaches film scoring at California State University, Northridge. Currently living with his family, wife and daughter, in Los Angeles.



List Of Compositions (Concert Music)[edit]

  • "Mass" for Mixed Choir (a cappella)
  • "Betelgeuse" for Solo Amplified Cello with digital effects
  • "Gothic Fragments" for mixed instruments
  • "Piano Trio 'Earthquake'" for Piano Trio (inspired by the 1994 Northridge, California Earthquake)
  • "Three" (slow movement from Piano Trio, simplified for children's level playing).
  • "Silver Sound" for Two Percussionists
  • "Hyper-Reality" for Orchestra
  • "Temporal Fuges" for String Quartet
  • "Wind Quintet ' Winter Music'" for Woodwind Quartet
  • "Tenebrae" for String Orchestra
  • "Petrarch Songs" for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano (based on text of Petrarch).
  • "The Prince Of Venosa" (an Opera In Two Acts with a Prologue and Epilogue - based on the life of Don Carlo Gesualdo).
  • "Sappho Songs" for Medium Voice and Piano (based on text of Sappho).
  • "Dreams Of Poe" for Choir and Orchestra (based on the dream poetry of Edgar Allan Poe). (2005) Three Movements : 1. A Dream 2. Dream 3. Dreams

Other works[edit]

  • "The Turning Wheel" for Solo Guitar (1987)
  • "Serenade" for Solo Guitar (Wedding Celebration) (1998)

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