Scott Greenall

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Scott Greenall
Scott Greenall in studio 2009.jpg
Scott Greenall in studio, 2009
Background information
Birth name Scott Greenall
Born January 16, 1973
Genres Avant-garde
Industrial rock
Alternative rock
Dark ambient
Experimental music
Occupation(s) Musician
Recording Engineer
record producer
Sound Design
Instruments Guitar, keyboard, vocals
Years active 1992–present


BMI affiliated.
Associated acts Andrew Losh
Plaid Retina
Radio Sloan

Scott Greenall, (born January 16, 1973) is an artist from Garden Grove, California. Although suffering from Cerebral Palsy since birth,[1] in 1992 he started a small multi-track recording studio in his grandparents' garage.

Though Greenall was a musician from an early age, he opened the studio to learn the art of recording by recording bands from all around the Greater Los Angeles Area. In 1993 Greenall produced and recorded a full-length album for Real-Eyes titled "Contagious".[2] In that same year, (1993) he recorded and engineered a 7", EP. titled "What I Can't Have" for Plaid Retina. Greenall closed the recording studio to the public in late 1996.

Scott Greenall used his experience as a recording engineer / producer to craft and nurture his own sound and material.[3]


Starting in 1997, Scott Greenall began performing live.[4] One show he performed in Orange County, California, caught the eye of film producer, Kevin Ragsdale, who, in 2004, cast Scott Greenall to perform a song that Greenall wrote titled, "I'm Never Going Away"[5] in the feature-length film, "The Curse of El Charro".[1] The movie introduced Scott Greenall"s artistic stylings to a whole new public.[6] Greenall gave a remarkably eerie performance in a scene that literally feels like David Lynch had stepped in for a moment to direct.[7] The film was released through Paramount / Showtime cable vision, as well as DVD,[8] and distributed worldwide.

In 2006, film director / composer, Rich Ragsdale, directed a music video for Scott Greenall. The video was produced by KNR-Productions for a song Greenall wrote titled "All The Love in the World Can't Save You Now".[9][10]

Scott Greenall emerged as an artist through the Deathrock underground.[11]


On January 2, 2014, Scott Greenall released a 5-song EP. titled "And I Remind You". The liner notes read "This record is based around coming to terms with situations that are beyond control, as well as the power of self will, the strength to make difficult decisions and the insight to accept and adapt to their outcomes."[12]

On August 1, 2015, Scott Greenall released a 5-song EP. titled "Fallen World".[13]


All Scott Greenall music is affiliated with BMI and independently released and distributed by FAMINE MEDIA.


  • I'm Never Going Away -Single 1997
  • Marry Me -Single 1999
  • I'm Not Dead -Single 2003
  • My Death Bed Bride -Single 2012


  • Plan Z -EP. 1993
  • The Graze -EP. 2001 with Justin Sturm, Jason Whisman
  • Wax -EP. 2001
  • Grandpa Junkie -EP. 2002
  • Death Is The Crown of All -EP. 2003 with Radio Sloan
  • Phantom Smells -EP. 2008
  • Songs For Morgan-EP. 2009
  • Technicolor Suicide -EP. 2010 with Andrew Losh
  • Choosing not to live -EP. 2010
  • Your Own Private Hell -EP. 2010
  • And I Remind You -EP. 2014
  • Fallen World -EP. 2015

Full albums[edit]

  • Dames Place -Full Album 1994
  • Wonder P. -Full Album 1995
  • The Warped Little Vampires Club -Full Album 1996
  • This Thing of Darkness -Full Album 1999
  • The Day I Met The Devil -Full Album 2000
  • Staring at the Future -Full Album 2001 with Jason Whisman
  • Fading Memories -Full Album 2003
  • All The Love in the World Can't Save You Now -Full Album 2006
  • Mr. Perfect -Full Album 2008
  • Black Winter Death -Full Album 2009
  • The Sadness -Full Album 2010 with Andrew Losh
  • The Black Book Revue -Full Album 2010
  • Oh the Grim Reality of It All -Full Album 2011
  • The Death of Scott Greenall, Definitive collection -Best of Album 2011
  • The Society Pages -Full Album 2012
  • What Doesn't Kill You Will Kill Someone Else -Full Album 2013



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