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Scott Guthrie
MIX Keynote-Scott Guthrie 09 MS 05 2007.jpg
Scott Guthrie at MIX in 2007.

Scott Guthrie is an Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise group in Microsoft.[1] He is best known for his work on ASP.NET, which he and colleague Mark Anders developed while at Microsoft.[2]

He runs the Microsoft Azure (formerly known as Windows Azure) team as well as the development teams that build Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory, System Center, Visual Studio and .NET.

Guthrie graduated with a degree in computer science from Duke University.[3] Following this, he chose to focus on his major and joined Microsoft in 1997.[1] He frequently presents wearing a signature red shirt [4] and speaks at many of the major Microsoft conferences.

In October 2016, Guthrie unveiled the capabilities of Microsoft’s Azure-based Dynamics 365 service in a demo at a Summit conference in Tampa, Florida.[5]


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