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Scott Haring
Nationality American
Occupation Game designer

Scott D. Haring is a game designer who has worked primarily on role-playing games.


Scott Haring began working in the adventure gaming industry in 1982.[1] Haring has been a long-term employee of Steve Jackson Games, having worked at the company five different times over 15 years.[2]:103 Haring has worked as the Car Wars line editor, and became editor on the new magazine Autoduel Quarterly when it debuted in 1983.[2]:103 He also wrote and edited for Ghostbusters and GURPS and served as the editor for Pyramid magazine.[1] He has been a columnist for Comics & Games Retailer since 1987.[1]

TSR West published of a series of "comic modules", which were standard comic books to which new hire Scott Haring added four pages of game material because TSR's comic book license was still exclusively held by DC.[2]:23 Haring identifies Empires of the Sands (1988) as his first big project at TSR.[3] He has also written and edited for the Top Secret/S.I. and Marvel Super Heroes role-playing games.[1] His other D&D design work includes The Republic of Darokin (1989) and Otherlands (1990).

Haring was also the editor for The Gamer magazine.[1] He lives in central Texas with his wife and stepson.[1]


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