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Scott Lipps

Scott Lipps is the founder and CEO of One Management.[1] One Management currently represents Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigová, and Iman.[2]

Early life[edit]

Born August 1, 1969, son of Barbara and Jerry Lipps, Scott was born and raised in Long Island, NY, where he first enrolled at the Percussion Institute of Technology and would later attend California State University at Northridge.[3] While in school, Scott also served as the drummer of L.A. band Black Cherry with the original singer from the L.A. Guns, Paul Black.[citation needed] In 1994 Scott met Mark McCoy (lead vocalist of Outlaw Blood) and recorded a project released on New Breed Records called the New Breed Worship Band with Rick Harchol and Holland Davis.[citation needed] Scott learned management while touring with the band and supplemented his income by working for Lindy Goetz (manager for the Red Hot Chili Peppers).[4] Scott suffered a repetitive arm injury that put an end to his rock career.[5] At the suggestion of his mother, Scott started working for a relative that owned NEXT Model Management. The next year, Scott moved to New York to become president of Karin Models, a position that he held for 4 years.[citation needed]


One Management[edit]

Scott Lipps started One Management in 2001.[citation needed] Celebrating its 10th year, One has grown to represent over 60 models and is considered one of the most important independent model and talent agencies in the world.[citation needed]


Scott Lipps returned to his musical roots, joining Courtney Love's band Hole as of the 10th Anniversary of One Management's party (September 2011, New York Fashion Week).[citation needed]


In 2011, Scott created an influential fashion, music and party blog,[citation needed] Poplipps is serialized every Friday in Interview Magazine and has been named one of the most influential fashion blogs by tumblr.[citation needed] Poplipps has been featured in Italian Vogue, Spanish Vogue, Spin Magazine and Muse.[citation needed] As the creator of Poplipps, Scott was invited to speak at the Lucky Magazine FABB Conference.[citation needed]


In 2013, Scott decided to create a physical extension of his blog and published his first book called "POPLIPPS: Plus One."[citation needed] His book has been featured in numerous publications, such as: Spanish Vogue, Interview, Nylon, WWD, Purple, the NY Times Magazine, and the NY Observer.[citation needed]


In Fall 2011, Scott starred in the E! Entertainment network show "Scouted".[6]


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