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Scott M. Gimple
Scott M. Gimple (35306477644).jpg
Gimple in 2017
Born (1971-03-29) March 29, 1971 (age 47)
OccupationWriter, producer
Years active1997–present
Julia Wackenheim (m. 2009)

Scott Milhouse Gimple (born (1971-03-29)March 29, 1971)[1] is an American writer for both comics and television. He is known for his work as a writer and producer for Fillmore!, Life, FlashForward, Chase, and The Walking Dead, and served as the showrunner for The Walking Dead from seasons 4 through 8.

Early life[edit]

Gimple grew up in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey and graduated from Governor Livingston High School.[2] He graduated from the University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television.


Gimple was a writer on NBC's Life and Fox TV's Drive, and ABC's FlashForward.[3] He co-wrote the script of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance alongside Seth Hoffman and David S. Goyer.[4]

In 2011, he joined AMC's The Walking Dead as a producer and writer for the second season. He wrote "Save the Last One", as well as the critically acclaimed, "Pretty Much Dead Already", and "18 Miles Out" (with showrunner Glen Mazzara).

In January 2013, Gimple was named showrunner of The Walking Dead, replacing Glen Mazzara.[5] He served as showrunner from the fourth season to the eighth season. During his tenure, he also became an executive producer for Fear the Walking Dead.[6] Gimple left his role in 2018 to become the chief content officer for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, with Angela Kang succeeding him as showrunner.

Gimple has also worked on Disney's Pepper Ann and as a writer for The Simpsons comics, including editing the Simpsons' Episode Guidebook "The Simpsons Forever!: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family... Continued".[7] He created the cartoon Fillmore! and the comic book Heroes Anonymous with Bill Morrison.[8]

Reception on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead[edit]

While initial reactions to Scott Gimple's time as show runner on The Walking Dead were mostly positive, fan backlash began in full after fans accused Gimple of degrading the quality of the show with character death fake outs becoming more common, a lack of directorial style, poor dialogue and destroying the core of several key scenes from the comic series such as making the introduction of Negan into a season cliffhanger resulting in several petitions to see him removed from the show [9] while hashtags such as #firescottgimple began to trend. This would again occur when killing a long running character from the show after telling the actor they would be secure for another 5 years[10] prior to their 18th birthday. After overseeing the biggest decline in ratings in the show's history [11] he was replaced with new show runner Angela Kang who has received critical praise for her reinvention of the show.

As a result of this change Scott Gimple would instead take over Fear the Walking Dead, which promptly saw the loss of several key actors. Critical reception to Gimple's take on Fear has been extremely poor[12] with the show being viewed by many as changing entirely in tone and style, poorly handling the previously established characters of the critically acclaimed Season 3, as well as dropping nearly all of the ongoing storylines[13] with the few remaining characters. Many of the complaints about Gimple's time on The Walking Dead were applied to the 4th season of Fear as many felt he was trying to force that show to fit his vision of the parent show[14]. This prompted many fans of the Fear the Walking Dead series to join the petition to see Scott Gimple removed from his position that was already ongoing over treatment of actor Chandler Riggs with over 87,000 signatures.[15]

Scott Gimple has said in an interview that the criticism does not bother him, for "This is a show that has lived in the world of Twitter. It's something you check in on and it's interesting, but there can be so much praise and criticism for the same things. ... Anybody's opinion is valid, as long as they watch the show."

Personal life[edit]

He married actress Julia Wackenheim on August 30, 2009 and they have a son, born in 2015.[citation needed]



Year Film Role
2012 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Co-writer



Year Show Role Notes
2014 The Walking Dead Executive producer (showrunner) Season 4-8
Supervising producer Season 3
Producer Season 2
Chase Co-producer Season 1
FlashForward Executive story editor Season 1
Life Story editor Season 2
2004 Fillmore! Creator
Executive producer
Dialogue director
Season 2

Season 1



Year Show Episode Notes
2014–17 The Walking Dead "Mercy" Season 8, Episode 1
"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" Season 7, Episode 16 (with Angela Kang and Matthew Negrete)
"Bury Me Here" Season 7, Episode 13
"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" Season 7, Episode 1
"Last Day on Earth" Season 6, Episode 16 (with Matthew Negrete)
"East" Season 6, Episode 15 (with Channing Powell)
"Here's Not Here" Season 6, Episode 4
"First Time Again" Season 6, Episode 1 (with Matthew Negrete)
"Conquer" Season 5, Episode 16 (with Seth Hoffman)
"What Happened and What's Going On" Season 5, Episode 9
"No Sanctuary" Season 5, Episode 1
"A" Season 4, Episode 16 (with Angela Kang)
"The Grove" Season 4, Episode 14
2013 Da Vinci's Demons "The Prisoner" Season 1, Episode 3
"The Serpent" Season 1, Episode 2
The Walking Dead "30 Days Without an Accident" Season 4, Episode 1
"This Sorrowful Life" Season 3, Episode 15
"Clear" Season 3, Episode 12
2012 "Hounded" Season 3, Episode 6
"18 Miles Out" Season 2, Episode 10 (with Glen Mazzara)
2011 "Pretty Much Dead Already" Season 2, Episode 7
"Save the Last One" Season 2, Episode 3
2010 Chase "The Longest Night" Season 2, Episode 8
FlashForward "Future Shock" Season 1, Episode 22 (with Timothy J. Lea)
"Better Angels" Season 1, Episode 14 (with Ian B. Goldberg)
2009 "Black Swan" Season 1, Episode 4
2008 Life "Did You Feel That?" Season 2, Episode 6 (with Jonathan Shapiro)
"Not for Nothing" Season 2, Episode 4
2007 Drive "Rear View" Season 1, Episode 6 (with Kristen Reidel)
El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera "Eye Caramba" Season 1, Episode 13 (story)
"Miracle City Worker" Season 1, Episode 8
American Dragon: Jake Long "The Love Cruise" Season 2, Episode 18
2006 "The Rotwood Files" Season 2, Episode 15
2005 "The Halloween Bash" Season 1, Episode 17
2003 Fillmore! "Immune to All but Justice" Season 2, Episode 5
2002 "Ingrid Third, Public Enemy #1" Season 1, Episode 8
"Nappers Never Sleep" Season 1, Episode 7
"A Wurm in Our Midst" Season 1, Episode 3
1997 Jungle Cubs "Hair Ball" Season 2, Episode 7


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