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Scott Patrick MacRae (born August 13, 1974) is a former American Major League Baseball pitcher who played with the Cincinnati Reds from 7/24/2001 to 10/6/2001. He was active in the Cincinnati Reds organization from 6/1/1995 to 10/15/2004, and was active with the Houston Astros 3/2/2005 to 10/15/2005.

During his years of being active, he was often said to be a humorous member of the clubhouse, and was nicknamed "The Golden Ab". He was born in Dearborn, Michigan on 8/13/1974, and attended College at Valdosta State University. He throws and hits right-handed, and was drafted 895th in the 1995 draft. He also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zalischyky, Ukraine for over two years teaching elementary students. He is known for mixing up his Ukrainian with his English, and often speaks in Ukrainian while meaning to speak English. Currently, he coaches for the Headfirst baseball program.[1] He is also very fond of, and usually seen wearing, red ties.


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