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Scott Mactavish is an American filmmaker and author.

Scott Mactavish recently wrote, produced and directed the films entitled MURPH: The Protector and God and Country: Untold Stories of the American Military.[1][2] Prior to that, he made Summer Running: The Race to Cure Breast Cancer featuring Sissy Spacek. He has also served as executive producer on five films in as many years, including Chagas, directed by Ricardo Preve. Mactavish attended film School at New York University, and upon graduation, worked on major studio projects and independent features while writing original screenplays at night. He was a Goomba in the 1993 film Super Mario Bros. and an uncredited stunt double in The Crow. He launched his own production company in 1998 and has produced dozens of films and videos, with an emphasis on stories of honor, courage and commitment.

Scott is the author of The New Dad's Survival Guide, published by Little, Brown and Co., and co-author of Battle Ready: Memoir of a SEAL Warrior Medic, published by St. Martin's Press.

As a freelance writer, he has contributed to Indiewire, Windcheck, and Film Threat.

Mactavish is a veteran of the United States Navy. He attended boot camp at the Recruit Training Command in San Diego, California and served with Submarine Squadron 6, aboard the USS L.Y. Spear, and in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.[3][4]


  • Family Mission: The TJ Lobraico Story - Writer, Producer, Director
  • MURPH: The Protector - Writer, Producer, Director
  • Ride for Lance - Writer, Producer, Director
  • God and Country: Untold Stories of the American Military - Writer, Producer, Director
  • Summer Running: The Race to Cure Breast Cancer - Writer, Producer, Director
  • Chagas: A Hidden Affliction - Executive Producer
  • Stickball Boulevard - Executive Producer


  • The New Dad's Survival Guide
  • Battle Ready: Memoir of a SEAL Warrior Medic


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