Scott McDaniel

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Scott McDaniel
Born 1965
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller, Inker
Notable works
Green Arrow

Scott McDaniel is an American comics artist who has drawn numerous books, including Marvel Comics' "Fall from Grace" storyline for the Daredevil series. Notable artwork for DC Comics include a long run on Batman as regular penciller, Nightwing, Richard Dragon, and most recently Green Arrow.


Early life and career[edit]

McDaniel was born in 1965 in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was an avid fan of superheroes, and his mother would buy him stacks of comics from flea markets. He learned to draw from all those old comics.

McDaniel graduated from the Penn Hills Senior High School in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. After graduation Scott wanted to be a surgeon, and attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where his father's heart surgeon studied. He was enrolled as a Pre-Med student until the day he walked into Inorganic Chemistry and saw a 4-foot-long Schrödinger Wave equation scrawled on the chalk board. At that moment he knew Pre-Med was not for him.

Next he became a chemistry major, and then a chemical engineering major. In freshman year at Bucknell he met Glenn Herdling, a friendship that would last for quite some time.

After graduating from Bucknell, Glenn took his double major (English and Psychology) and went on to work with Marvel Comics. Scott took his BS in electrical engineering and went to work with the Kearfott Division of the Singer Company.

Cover to Nightwing #100 (2004). Art by Scott McDaniel.

He married his high school girlfriend and had a son Alex.

He worked as an electrical engineer during the day, and worked on his art in the evenings. His friend Glenn would take his art into Marvel to get critiques by other editors and artists.

After several years of that critiquing, McDaniel began to get small penciling jobs from Marvel.

McDaniel relocated to Pittsburgh (in the suburb Monroeville), and continued working as an electrical engineer with the Loftus Division of the Eichleay Corporation. About a year later, McDaniel was getting more assignments from Marvel. When the call came with an opportunity to work on Daredevil, he quit his engineering job and began his career as a comic book artist.

Art style[edit]

McDaniel's work tends to feature bold, bright colors against stark black, with a greater than average attention to fight scenes.


Interior comics work includes:


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