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Scott Mead is an American-born fine art photographer, philanthropist and investor living in London. He was a partner and managing director at Goldman Sachs and currently serves as chair of the board of Trustees of The Photographers' Gallery in London.

Goldman Sachs career[edit]

Mead began his career in banking and started working for Goldman Sachs in 1986. He was transferred to London as part of his role and became partner and managing director. During his time at Goldman Sachs he was an advisor for Vodafone's takeover of Mannesmann.[1]

Fine art photography and the photographer's gallery[edit]

Mead minored in visual studies at Harvard, studying under photographers, including William Eggleston,[2] Emmet Gowin and Minor White.

Mead's work has been exhibited at Hamiltons Gallery in London during September 2010 and at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition since 2011. He became a chairman of the board of Trustees of The Photographers' Gallery in London in November 2013.[3] Since May 2011, he has been a Trustee of the International Center of Photography in New York.[4]


In 2008, he established the "Scott Mead '77 Family Head Coach" to support Harvard Men's Tennis team.[5] That same year, Mead was part of a group of investors who bought the Boston Celtics.[6] He also served on the Global Advisory Council of the Women's Tennis Association Tour since 2004.[7] He also serves as Chairman of the Trustees of Queens Club.

Mead Family Foundation and selected boards[edit]

Mead is the Founder and chairman of the Mead Family Foundation, which supports medical research, education, the arts and athletics. Mead serves as a member of the Executive Committee for the Tate Foundation[8] and is a member of the Tate Photography Acquisitions Committee.

He is a Charter Trustee of Phillips Academy and Chairman of the Audit committee.[9] Mead was also a member of the Advisory board of Judge Business School and a member of the board of Usher's New Look Foundation.[10][11]


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