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Scott Political
Industry Political Media and Polling
Founded Minneapolis, Minnesota
2001 (2001)
Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Products Political television and radio ad production, media placement and polling for Federal, state and local candidates, PACs, 527s, Advocacy groups

Scott Political is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based nonpartisan political consulting and advertising firm founded in 2001. Scott Political offers political television, radio and online media production as well as polling and fundraising tools for clients nationwide. Scott Political provides media production services in both English and Spanish to assist clients in reaching the maximum number of registered voters. Scott Political focuses in the areas of Federal, State, and local candidate races, PACs, 527s, and advocacy groups. It is frequently quoted in US political advertising and consulting articles[1][2] and team members judged the 2010, 2011 and 2015 Pollie Awards.[3] College libraries and instructors often utilize Information from[4]

Scott Political specializes in micro target media placement.[5] This is the purchasing of media advertisements limited to a very specific geography or demographic (usually determined by voter zip codes). After the voter target is defined, the message is developed to appeal directly to that demographic and a suitable time or channel is selected, in the case of television advertisements, at which to broadcast the message.[6] For example, if a political candidate wanted to reach 35+ year-old male Republicans in the Midwest, he or she would advertise on Fox News or the Golf Channel after 5 PM on week days.

Scott Political conducts polling for candidates and political organizations: opposition polling, issue polling, and media preference polling. Polling is completed either by telephone or Internet. The 2006 Scott Political polling for the State of Texas conducted in May, mirrored the CNN exit polling conducted in Texas on Election Night.

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