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Scott Ritcher
Independent candidate for
Kentucky Senate District 35
Election date
November 4, 2008
Opponent(s) Denise Harper Angel (D), John Albers (R)
Incumbent Denise Harper Angel
Personal details
Born (1969-09-27) September 27, 1969 (age 48)
Louisville, Kentucky
Political party Independent
Profession Publisher

Scott Ritcher is a magazine publisher and graphic designer from Louisville, Kentucky, born September 27, 1969.


Ritcher is the publisher of K Composite Magazine and runs a small publishing house also called K Composite. The magazine contains interviews of his friends and other people who are not famous.[1] The magazine has been featured in Rolling Stone, the Chicago Tribune, and on NPR's Talk of the Nation.


He is the former proprietor of the Slamdek Record Company which released early recordings by influential punk and indie rock bands including Endpoint, Rodan, Jawbox, and Ritcher's own bands Sunspring and the Metroschifter. The label's first release was a cassette tape by the synthesizer band Pink Aftershock in 1986 and its last was a Sunspring retrospective CD in 1995. Slamdek pressed 44 different records during its nine years in business.


In 1998, Ritcher entered politics as the Reform Party's candidate for Mayor of Louisville. Though he spent only $1000 on the campaign, Ritcher had a respectable showing at the polls and finished third of four candidates.

He announced his candidacy in early 2008 as an independent candidate for Kentucky Senate from District 35. A controversial lawsuit brought by the Democratic incumbent Denise Harper Angel eventually disqualified Ritcher from the race.

Angel's suit alleged that some of the signatures gathered on Ritcher's ballot petition were those of voters living outside the lines of Kentucky's State Senate District 35 and therefore inadmissible.[2] Reporting the verdict, the political site Page One Kentucky published the entire court order and noted, "while votes for Ritcher will no longer be counted, the court still backs Ritcher's honesty by plainly stating that the district boundaries that create the 35th Senate District are confusing."[3]

Later life[edit]

In 2008, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported that his company K Composite "has completed the sale of its social networking site to a startup company, Ikimbo 2.0 of Radnor, Pennsylvania." According to the bio on his campaign website, he has been a contributor to LEO, Velocity Weekly, College Music Journal, public radio's This American Life, and appeared as a newspaper photographer in the 1999 film The Insider.[4]

Sunspring reunited on May 14, 2010,[5] with Endpoint for a cancer benefit for Jason Noble of Rodan and Rachel's.

Ritcher moved to Stockholm in 2009[6] and is now a US citizen with Swedish residency.[7]


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