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Scott Sigler
Scott Sigler (4772655043).jpg
Born Scott Carl Sigler
Cheboygan, MI, USA
Occupation Author
Nationality American
Genre Science fiction/Horror
Literary movement The Podiobook (Podcast Novel)

Scott Carl Sigler is a contemporary American author of science fiction and horror as well as an avid podcaster.

Life and work[edit]

Raised in Cheboygan, Michigan Sigler's father passed his love of classic monster films along to his son. His mother, a school teacher, encouraged his reading offering him any book he wanted.[1] Sigler wrote his first monster story, "Tentacles", at the age of eight.[2] Sigler didn't travel far for college having attended Olivet College (Olivet, MI) and Cleary College (Ann Arbor, MI) where he earned a BA in Journalism and a BS in Marketing. Scott has had a varied career path having worked fast food, picking fruit, shoveling horse manure, a sports reporter, director of marketing for a software company, software startup founder, marketing consultant, guitar salesman, bum in a rock band,[3] and currently as a social media strategist. He now resides in San Diego, California with his wife and their dog, Reesie.

EarthCore was originally published in 2001 by iPublish, an AOL/Time Warner imprint.[4] With the novel doing well as a promotional ebook, Time Warner was planning on publishing the novel. With the economic slump following September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Time Warner did away with the imprint in 2004. Scott then decided to start podcasting his novel in March, 2005 as the world's first podcast-only novel[5] to build hype and garner an audience for his work. Sigler considered it a "no brainer" to offer the book as a free audio download. Having searched for podcast novels and finding none, Sigler decided to be the first.[6][7] Sigler was able to get EarthCore offered as a paid download on iTunes in 2006.[8] After EarthCore's success (EarthCore had over 10,000 subscribers[9]), Sigler released Ancestor, Infected, The Rookie, Nocturnal, and Contagious via podcast.[10]

Sigler released an Adobe PDF version of Ancestor in March 2007 through Sigler's own podcast as well as others. Ancestor was released on April 1, 2007 to much internet hype and, despite having been released two weeks earlier as a free ebook, reached #7 on's best-seller list and #1 on Sci-Fi, Horror and Genre-Fiction on the day of release.[11] Sigler is leveraging new media to keep in-touch with his fans, regularly talking with them using social networking sites, via email, and IM. Scott Sigler was featured in a New York Times article on March 1, 2007 by Andrew Adam Newman, which was covering authors using podcasting innovations to garner a broader audience.[12]

In March 2014, Executive Editor Mark Tavani at Ballantine Bantam Dell bought World Rights to a science fiction trilogy by Sigler. In the first book, Alive, a young woman awakes trapped in a confined space with no idea who she is or how she got there. She soon frees other young adults in the room and together they find that they are surrounded by the horrifying remains of a war long past … and matched against an enemy too horrible to imagine. Further adventures will follow in two more books, Alight and Alone. The books will be published under the Del Rey imprint.[13]

Sigler calls Stephen King a "'master craftsman', who writes from the 'regular guy' strata from which he hails. His older stuff had no pretense, no 'higher message,' no 'I’m extremely important' attitude, just rock-solid storytelling and character development. He also would whack any character at any time, and that’s what hooked you in – when characters got into trouble, you didn’t know if they’d live, unlike 99% of the books out there that are trying to develop franchise characters." According to Sigler, Jack London's "The Sea Wolf totally changed my views on life". Sigler saw King Kong (1976 version) when he was a little kid. He said it, "Scared the crap out of me. I hid behind my dad’s shoulder and begged to leave the theatre. As soon as we were out, I asked when we could see it again – that was the moment I knew I wanted to tell monster stories. I wanted to have that same impact on other people."


Sigler has been a runner up in both the 2006 and 2007 Parsec Awards. In 2006 Sigler was a runner up for his short story Hero in the Best Fiction (Short) category and for Infected in the Best Fiction (Long) category. In 2007 Sigler was a runner up for The Rookie in the Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novel Form) category. In 2008 Sigler's Contagious, the sequel to Infected was listed at 33 on the New York Times best sellers list.

In 2008 Sigler broke through and won the Parsec Award for Red Man in the Best Speculative Fiction Story (Short Form) category. He followed up with another win in 2009 for Eusocial Networking in the Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novella Form) category. 2010 saw him continue to win in the Best Speculative Fiction Story (Short Form) category with his podcast, The Tank, and in 2011 he again took out the Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novella Form) category with Kissyman & the Gentleman.

On July 31, 2015, Scott was inducted into the inaugural class of the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas.[14]



Anthologies to which Scott contributed[edit]

  • Hunter Hunterson & The Case Of The Haunted Safeway (April 1, 2014) in Games Creatures Play, ISBN 978-0425256879 Ace Hardcover Publishing
  • Complex God (April 8, 2014) in Robot Uprisings, ISBN 978-0345803634 Vintage Publishing
  • Nosferatu, Brutus? (June 30, 2014) in HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!! & Other Improbable Crowdfunding Projects, John Joseph Adams Publishing
  • V-Wars
    • Hippo (November 4, 2014) in V-Wars: Blood And Fire (A Chronicle Of The Vampire Wars), ISBN 978-1631400278 IDW Publishing
    • Hippo II (October 6, 2015) in V-Wars: Night Terrors (A Chronicle Of The Vampire Wars), ISBN 978-1631402722 IDW Publishing
  • The Apocalypse Triptych
    • The Fifth Day of Deer Camp (March 1, 2014) in The End is Nigh (The Apocalypse Triptych), ISBN 978-1495471179 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
    • The Sixth Day of Deer Camp (September 1, 2014) in The End is Now (Apocalypse Triptych Book 2), ISBN 978-1497484375 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
    • The Seventh Day of Deer Camp (May 1, 2015) in The End Has Come (Apocalypse Triptych Book 3), ISBN 978-1497484405 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Those Gaddam Cookies (due out August 23, 2016) in What the #@&% Is That: The Saga Anthology of the Monstrous and Macabre, edited by John Joseph Adams and Douglas Cohen


  • Galactic Football League series
    • The Rookie (2010)
    • The Starter (2010)
    • The All-Pro (2011)
    • The MVP (2012)
    • The Champion (2014)
  • Galactic Football League novellas
    • Title Fight (2012), co-written Matt Wallace
    • The Detective (2012), co-written Matt Wallace
    • The Reporter (2012), co-written Mur Lafferty
    • The Rider (forthcoming), co-written Paul E Cooley
    • The Reef (forthcoming)
    • The Gangster (forthcoming), co-written with Nathan Lowell
  • Short Story Collections
    • Blood Is Red (2011)
    • Bones Are White (2012)
    • Fire Is Orange (forthcoming)
  • Generations Trilogy
    • Alive (2015)


  • Ancestor (2010)
  • Nocturnal (2013)
  • Infected Trilogy
    • Infected (2008)
    • Contagious (2008)
    • Pandemic (2014)
  • Short Story Collections
    • Blood Is Red (2012)
    • Bones Are White (2013)
  • Galactic Football League series
    • The Rookie (2014)
      • Title Fight (2009), co-written by Matt Wallace
    • The Starter (2010)
      • The Detective (2015), co-written by Matt Wallace
    • The All-Pro (2011)
      • The Reporter (2015), co-written by Mur Lafferty
    • The MVP (2012)
    • The Champion (2014)
  • Generations Trilogy
    • Alive (2015)

Podcast novels[edit]

  • EarthCore (2005)
  • Ancestor (2006)[16]
  • Nocturnal (2007), originally aired from October 10, 2007, to December 18, 2008.
  • Ancestor (2010), originally aired from June 6, 2010, to February 13, 2011.
  • The Crypt (Book 1): The Crew
  • Infected Trilogy
  • Galactic Football League series
    • The Rookie (2007), originally aired from September 25, 2006, to April 24, 2007.
    • The Starter (2010), concluded.
    • The All-Pro (2011), concluded.
    • The MVP (2012), aired from October 15, 2012, concluded.
    • The Champion (2014), originally aired from September 14, 2014, to June 18, 2015.
    • The Reporter (2012), originally airing from November 22, 2015.
  • Generations Trilogy
    • Alive (2015), originally aired from June 21 to November 15, 2015.



In May, 2007 the novel Infected was optioned by Rogue Pictures and Random House Films;[17] however, the option lapsed in April 2010.[citation needed] The short story Sacred Cow was made into an online only mini-film by and was Stranger Things debut episode.[18] "Cheating Bastard", a short film about a couple in love with football and their obsession with it, was created by Brent Weichsel and released via Sigler's RSS feed.

Graphic novel[edit]

In 2010 work began on a graphic novel adaptation of Sigler's Infected.[19] The first issue was released August 1, 2012,[20] but the series was put on hold indefinitely due to delays with subsequent issues.[21]


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