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Scott Walker discography
Studio albums 14
Compilation albums 19
Music videos 4
EPs 1
Singles 15
Soundtrack albums 3
Box sets 2

Scott Walker is the stage name of the American singer-songwriter Noel Scott Engel (born January 9, 1943 in Hamilton, Ohio), former lead singer with The Walker Brothers. He has been living in England since the 1960s, and continues to release new solo material.

His earliest material was released under his own name in the late 1950s. His most successful period in his career was between the years 1965 and 1970 where in he released three albums with The Walker Brothers, before going on to record a number of popular albums as a solo artist.

Walker's career faltered critically and commercially in the 1970s where he became stuck in a cycle of releasing lacklustre albums of MOR covers. In the mid-1970s Walker reformed The Walker Brothers with mixed results. Their final album together; Nite Flights (1978) was a sonic breakthrough for Walker. His next three albums – each released eleven years apart – developed and expanded his new direction.

For a detailed listing of Scott Walker's albums and singles with The Walker Brothers, see: The Walker Brothers discography.

Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Chart positions
1967 Scott 3
1968 Scott 2
  • Released: April 1968 (1968-04)
  • Labels: Philips Records, Smash Records (US)
1969 Scott 3
  • Released: March 1969 (1969-03)
  • Labels: Philips Records, Smash Records (US)
Scott: Scott Walker Sings Songs from his T.V. Series
  • Released: June 1969 (1969-06)
  • Labels: Philips Records
Scott 4
  • Released: November 1969 (1969-11)
  • Labels: Philips Records
1970 'Til the Band Comes In
  • Released: December 1970 (1970-12)[4]
  • Labels: Philips Records
1972 The Moviegoer
  • Released: October 1972 (1972-10)[5]
  • Labels: Philips Records
1973 Any Day Now
  • Released: May 1973 (1973-05)[6]
  • Labels: Philips Records
1974 We Had It All
  • Released: August 1974 (1974-08)[8]
  • Labels: CBS Records
1984 Climate of Hunter 60
1995 Tilt 27
2006 The Drift
  • Released: May 8, 2006 (2006-05-08)
  • Labels: 4AD
51 49 97 80
2012 Bish Bosch
  • Released: December 3, 2012 (2012-12-03)
  • Labels: 4AD
95 176
2014 Soused (with Sunn O))))
  • Released: October 21, 2014 (2014-10-21)
  • Labels: 4AD
30 190 85 54
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.


Year Album details
1999 Pola X
2007 And Who Shall Go to the Ball? And What Shall Go to the Ball?
  • Released: 24 September 2007
  • Label: 4AD
2016 The Childhood of a Leader (Original Soundtrack)
  • Released: 19 August 2016
  • Label: 4AD

Collaboration album with Sunn O)))[edit]

Year Album details
2014 Soused
  • Released: September
  • Label: 4AD

Compilation albums[edit]

Box sets[edit]

Extended plays[edit]


Solo singles 1967-present[edit]

All non-UK singles list the country of release in brackets. B-sides vary in some territories.

Year A-side B-side Chart positions Album
1967 "Mathilde" (JP) "My Death" N/R N/R Scott
"Jackie" "The Plague" 22 Scott 2
1968 "I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore" (US) [A] "You're All Around Me" N/R N/R Take It Easy (Walker Brothers album)
"Joanna" "Always Coming Back To You" 7
"The Rope and the Colt" (FR) "Concerto pour guitare (Scene d'amour)" [B] N/R N/R
1969 "If You Go Away" (JP) "Two Ragged Soldiers" N/R N/R Scott 3
"Lights of Cincinnati" "Two Weeks Since You've Gone" 13 20
1970 "The Seventh Seal" (JP) "The Old Man's Back Again" N/R N/R Scott 4
1971 "'Til the Band Comes In" (NL) "Jean the Machine" N/R N/R 'Til the Band Comes In
"Jean the Machine" (JP) "Joe" N/R N/R
"Thanks For Chicago Mr. James" (JP) "The Hills of Yesterday" N/R N/R
"I Still See You" "My Way Home"
1972 "The Impossible Dream" (JP) "The Look of Love" N/R N/R Scott Sings Songs From His T.V. Series
1973 "The Me I Never Knew" "This Way Mary" Any Day Now
"A Woman Left Lonely" "Where Love Has Died" Stretch
1974 "Delta Dawn" "We Had It All" We Had It All
1984 "Track Three" "Blanket Roll Blues" Climate of Hunter
1993 "Man From Reno" (with Goran Bregovic) (FR) "Indecent Sacrifice" (with Goran Bregovic) N/R N/R
1995 "Patriot (A Single)"[11] [C] "The Cockfighter" N.A. N.A. Tilt
"Tilt"[12] [C] "Farmer In The City" N.A. N.A.
  • A^ "I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore" was issued as a Scott Walker single in the US by Smash Records. The song and it's b-side are actually Walker Brothers songs originally released in 1965 on the trio's début album; Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers.
  • B^ "Concerto pour guitare (Scene d'amour)", the b-side of "The Rope and the Colt", is not a Scott Walker song. It is performed by André Hossein. Walker's A-side and Hossein's b-side were each recorded for from the film Une Corde... Un Colt.
  • C^ "Patriot (A Single)" and "Tilt" are promo singles. They were released to promote Walker's 1995 album; Tilt. There were also respectively titled Scott 1 and Scott 2.

Scott Engel and Pre-Walker Brothers singles 1957-63[edit]

Prior to forming The Walker Brothers, Scott Walker recorded a series of songs under various names, most commonly as Scott Engel. Many of these recordings were later compiled and re-released credited to Scott Walker. Walker also collaborated with John Stewart in a series of short-lived groups, such as The Moongooners, Newporters and Chosen Few.

All singles credited to Scott Engel; except where indicated.

  • "When is a Boy a Man" b/w "Steady As a Rock" (RKO Unique, 1957) (as Scotty Engel)
  • "Livin' End" b/w "Good For Nothin'" (Orbit, 1958)
  • "Charley Bop" b/w "All I Do Is Dream Of You" (Orbit, 1958)
  • "Bluebell" b/w "Paper Doll" (Orbit, 1958)
  • "Golden Rule of Love" b/w "Sunday" (Orbit, 1959)
  • "Comin' Home" b/w "I Want to Know" (Orbit, 1959)
  • "Take This Love" b/w "Till You Return" (Hi-Fi, 1959)
  • "Anything Will Do" b/w "Mr Jones" (Liberty, 1961)
  • "Anything Will Do" b/w "Forevermore" (Liberty, 1962)
  • "Devil Surfer" b/w "Your Guess" (Martay, 1963)
  • "Mongoon Stomp" b/w "Long Trip" (Candix, February 1962) (as The Moongooners)
  • "Willie and The Hand Jive" b/w "Moongoon Twist" (Essar, December 1962) (as The Moongooners)
  • "Jump Down" b/w "Wish You Were Here" (Marsh, October 1962) (as Chosen Few)
  • "Adventures In Paradise" b/w "Loose Board" (Scotchdown, August 1963) (as Newporters)
  • "I Only Came To Dance With You" b/w "Greens" (Tower, 1966) (Scott Engel and John Stewart, recorded as The Dalton Brothers in 1963)

Music videos[edit]

Year Video Director
1984 "Track Three"
1993 "Man From Reno" (with Goran Bregovic)
2006 "Jesse" Graham Wood and Ian Freeman
2012 "Epizootics!" Olivier Groulx



Year Artist Title Notes
1966 The Motions Their Own Way
1968 Gary Walker & The Rain "Spooky" (Single)
John Walker "Woman" (Single)
Terry Smith Fall Out
1969 Ray Warleigh Ray Warleigh's First Album
John Walker "Yesterday's Sunshine" (Single)
1975 The Walker Brothers No Regrets Produced with Geoff Calver
1976 The Walker Brothers Lines Produced with Geoff Calver
1978 The Walker Brothers Nite Flights Produced with Dave MacRae
1984 Scott Walker Climate of Hunter Produced with Peter Walsh
1995 Scott Walker Tilt Produced with Peter Walsh
2000 Ute Lemper Punishing Kiss Co-Produced by Peter Walsh. "Scope J" and "Lullaby (By-By-By)" only
2001 Pulp We Love Life Co-Produced by Peter Walsh
2006 Scott Walker The Drift Produced with Peter Walsh
2008 Acoustic Ladyland "Salt Water (Scott Walker Mix)" (Single)
2012 Scott Walker Bish Bosch Co-Produced by Peter Walsh

Tribute albums[edit]


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