Scott Waugh

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Scott Waugh
Born (born 1970 or 1971)
Alma mater University of California (B.F.A.)
Occupation Stunt performer (retired 2005), director, producer
Known for Act of Valor (2012)

Scott Waugh (born 1970 or 1971)[1] is an American[2] film director, producer, and former stunt performer, best known for directing the 2012 war film Act of Valor with Mike McCoy. He also directed the Need for Speed film adaptation.[3] He won the "10 Directors to Watch" award at the 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival.[4]


Year Film Credited as
Director Producer or Executive Producer Editor
2007 Navy SWCC Yes Yes Yes
2012 Act of Valor Yes Yes Yes
2014 Need for Speed Yes Yes Yes


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