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Scott Wendland (born April 11, 1965 in Spokane, Washington) was an American pair skater. Early in his career, he competed with Ashley Stevenson and Shelley Propson. He later teamed up with Jenni Meno and they competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics.[1] After that season, Meno left Wendland for another partner. Wendland is now an ice skating coach.

Competitive highlights[edit]

Single skating[edit]

Event 1984
U.S. Championships 9th J.

Pair skating with Stevenson[edit]

Event 1986–1987
International St. Gervais 2nd

Pair skating with Propson[edit]

Event 1989
U.S. Championships 12th

Pair skating with Meno[edit]

Event 1990–1991 1991–1992
Olympics 11th
World Championships 10th 11th
Skate Canada 5th
U.S. Championships 3rd 2nd


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