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The Scottish Gliding Association is the body which represents the sport of gliding in Scotland. It represents the Scottish gliding clubs when dealing with the government of the UK, the Scottish government, local government in Scotland, and other statutory organisations. It is the main point of contact between the sport and sportscotland. However regulation and administration of the sport of gliding is still the responsibility of the British Gliding Association.

Formed in 1986, it has negotiated written agreements with the National Air Traffic Service on procedures for entering controlled airspace; negotiated with the Cairngorm Partnership; operated the ASH 25 Scottish National Gliding Facility; sponsored pilots for competitions and competition training; and sponsored individuals for instructor training.

In addition it co-ordinates a programme of interclub competitions to promote friendly rivalry between the Scottish gliding clubs.

Scottish Gliding Association member clubs[edit]

The building at the Deeside Gliding Club airfield outside Aboyne

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