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The Scottish Hockey Union, commonly referred to simply as Scottish Hockey or the SHU, is the national governing body for the sport of field hockey in Scotland. It is the SHU's responsibility to help provide for the development, promotion and management of hockey in Scotland. It is also the body that acts as "National Association" for Scotland at the EHF and FIH.


The members of Scottish Hockey are districts, clubs and schools, who have equal voting rights at General Meetings.


There are a number of Districts within Scottish Hockey


Scottish Hockey is composed of many different committees and convenors involved in running different aspects of the sport in Scotland, with a board of directors and management committee at the top.


Scottish Hockey has Memorandum and Articles, bye laws, codes and standing orders (instead of a constitution).


Scottish Hockey organises many leagues and cups, men's, woman's and junior's, both outdoors and indoors.

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