2018 Scottish National Party depute leadership election

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2018 Scottish National Party depute leadership election
← 2016 18 May – 8 June 2018
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Candidate Keith Brown Julie Hepburn Chris McEleny

Depute Leader before election

Angus Robertson

Elected Depute Leader

Keith Brown

The Scottish National Party depute leadership election ran from 18 May to 8 June 2018. The election was contested for the party's new depute leader following the resignation of Angus Robertson in February 2018,[1] after he lost his Westminster seat in the 2017 snap election.[2]

Keith Brown was announced as the winner of the election on 8 June 2018.[3]


Ballots opened on 18 May. The winner was announced as Keith Brown at the SNP conference in Aberdeen on 8 June.[4][3]


Nominations closed on 13 April 2018, there were three candidates:




The status of a second Scottish independence referendum was considered as a significant issue surrounding the depute leadership election, with Chris McEleny and Julie Hepburn seen as supporters of such a referendum occurring earlier rather than later.[15][16][17][18]


Keith Brown[edit]

Chris McEleny[edit]

Julie Hepburn[edit]


The depute leadership election was conducted using the single transferable vote system, with the results being declared on 8 June. Keith Brown was elected as the new Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party with a majority of 55.2% of votes cast in the second round of voting, beating rival candidate Julie Hepburn who secured 44.8%. Candidate Chris McEleny finished third with 16.2%, having been eliminated in the first round of voting.[35][3]


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