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Scottish Politician of the Year is an annual award established in 1999. It is held by The Herald newspaper in Prestonfield, Edinburgh.

Although the awards ceremony has been held once at the Royal Museum, Prestonfield House Hotel is considered to be the home of the event. At the 2004 ceremony – held at the Prestonfield – former Labour MSP and life peer Mike Watson, set fire to a curtain, and was subsequently convicted of wilful fire raising.[1]

Not all of the subsidiary awards are handed out every year.


Main award: Scottish Politician of the Year[edit]

Best Scot at Westminster[edit]

Debater of the Year, since 2001 renamed Donald Dewar Debater of the Year[edit]

The Herald Politics in Business Award[edit]

Public Campaign/Campaigner of the Year[edit]

Councillor/Local Government Politician of the Year[edit]

e-Politician of the Year[edit]

Lifetime Achievement Award/Outstanding Political Achievement[edit]

Committee/Committee Member(s) of the Year[edit]

Community MSP of the Year[edit]

Judges Award (2014 only)[edit]

One to Watch/Award for Progress (1999-2013 only)[edit]

Political Impact of the Year (2011-2013 only)[edit]

Island Council Leaders (2013 only)[edit]

  • Councillor Gary Robinson, Councillor Angus Campbell and Councillor Steven Heddle

Newcomer of the Year (2011 only)[edit]

Free Spirit/Maverick of the Year (2000-2008 only)[edit]

International Scot Award (2007 and 2008 only)[edit]

Scottish Euro MP of the Year (2000-2003 only)[edit]

  • 2003: Prof Sir Neil MacCormick MEP, Scottish National Party
  • 2002: Prof Sir Neil MacCormick MEP, Scottish National Party
  • 2001: David Martin MEP, Labour
  • 2000: Prof Sir Neil MacCormick MEP, Scottish National Party

Election Performance of the Year (2003 only)[edit]

Front Bencher of the Year (1999 only)[edit]

Back Bencher of the Year (1999 only)[edit]


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