Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association

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Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association
SSTA logo.png
Full name Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association
Founded 1944
Members 7,205[1]
Affiliation STUC, EI
Key people Euan Duncan, President 2015 -
Seamus Searson, General Secretary 2015 -
Office location Edinburgh
Country Scotland

Founded in 1944, the Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association (SSTA) is Scotland's second largest teachers' union, set up to focus on secondary issues, initially as a reaction to the perception of undue influence exercised on national education issues at that time by the primary sector.

The SSTA is affiliated to the STUC[2] and Education International.[3]


The SSTA aims to:[citation needed]

  • Advance education in Scotland
  • Safeguard and promote interests of Scottish secondary teachers in all matters, especially those that affect salaries and conditions of service

To promote these aims, the Association strives to:[4]

  • Ensure that the secondary view is heard
  • Formulate policies that reflect views and needs of members
  • Respond to consultations on educational matters
  • Represent members and their views to SED, SQA, GTCS, and other national bodies such as SCRE and Learning and Teaching Scotland
  • Advise members on curricular, professional, and contractual matters
  • Campaign to maintain educational standards
  • Negotiate salaries and conditions of service in the SNCT
  • Campaign for improvement, and against deterioration, in salaries and conditions of service

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